Preditors: Since this is my page I am choosing to stat my firm belief on these issues without putting it into a forum and going against the "rules" here at BYC. It should be noted that I love BYC and have found it a valuable resource.
SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER...definately not the solution. Do a search and you'll find out that most preditors occupy a said space per animal. If you choose to shoot/drown/hit with a shovel/basically kill these critters you arn't solving the problem. Another will come along and take its place, its "said space."
SOLUTION...Make your coop and run preditor proof. Install wire under coop and going outward, lock them up at night with no holes or loose boards for them to enter. Buy a electric fence. The cheapest I've found are online but I have also found one at the local feed store that is for dogs that will work just as well. You see most animals arn't too dumb- if they get shocked a couple times they are going to learn, "Hey that hurts" and not come back too often. Please don't use chicken wire, it is very easy for a animal to go threw if they really are hungry. I use 1/2" gauge welded wire. Another way that won't kill is to turn the hose on and spray them.
YES, I LOVE ALL ANIMALS AND YES, I EAT MEAT: I love all animals, have since I was little. There is some peace that they hold that I admire. Each critter is there for a reason. Birds eat seeds, spread them by their poop and the seed is then ready to grow. Goats eat down your berry vines and fertilize your soil. Snakes eat varmits to keep the population down some, frogs do the same with bugs, Racoon/Possums also. The list goes on and on...each creater and animal is here for a reason. Even though I love animals, I also do love chicken. I know I am going against my two opinions here. By that I mean, I love animals but want to eat them. Fortunately, heres' the difference. IF YOU KILL, KILL HUMANELY/QUICKLY AND USE ALL PARTS. Now thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. Yes, by all means raise those roasters for meat but raise them with care until slaughter and make that quick!
If you do not agree with these points I am making, thats ok.
I've found people don't change too much so choose what you choose. I do believe since this is my page I can stat my opinions here and not bother anyone. Please do not respond with crude remarks.