If you live in the Southern U.S. you may have seen these F.E.M.A. porches in many yards.
After Hurricane Katrina,Rita,Ike,and Gustoff many people were displaced and lived in Fema Trailers.
Only problem is after Fema takes their Trailers back,property owners are left with unwanted porches in their yards.
Thus,I came up with my own solution to this problem..after 2 years thinking that someone would come and get the porches,

I decided to make a chicken coop.My drawings are very rough but I hope everyone gets the Idea.

This is the actual porch before I began to beautify it.
I have taken so many ideas from so many people here ay BYC that its to many to name,so my hat goes off to the entire site and its members.
Armed with a discarded porch,a craving for chickens,and a lot of ideas,I began my quest.The drawing to the right off the porch was my original idea.
I removed the steps first and the middle bracing,then the 1x1 uprights which gave me something similar to the drawing above.

The only measuring I did were for the nest boxes.12"deep-10"high on the backside-18"high on the front side.This gave me a nice angle for the roof.

I then replaced the bottom 2x4's and placed a big bolt through the remaining new 2x4 the old piece of 2x4 and the 4x4 posts.

Notice the little guy on the left has his Nintendo DS in his pocket,the other two are hiding theirs...LOL everytime I'd turn my head to long u guessed it they all would be playing games.

This is a side view with the nestboxes in place,the roof was found in a pile of debris from and old house that had been torn down.

I doubled the wheels on the front and back then removed the middle wheels that i had put.
Applied a little paint.

The roof of the nest boxes was actually a door from an old house.It was big enough to make the 2 roofs and the side above the roofs.
Here is some wallpaper that was on the old wood I recycled from that old house.Interestingly enough it had chickens on it.
This is a pic of the inside showing poop tray with old closet shelving and a little more paint.

My nest boxes were leaking water so I filled the crack with bondo where the black spray paint is.Then I used a mountain bike tube and stapled it on the inside wall behind the top part of the hinges.To do what you see here the bottom part of the hinges have to be screwed after the tube is strecthed and stapled,then finish off by screwing the hinges down.
white parts are from an old wooden screen door.
the inside with cutout crates in place,1/2X1/2 WIRE placed over the white shelving/floor
one recycled solar powered light on back wall
The back side has a door the length of the coop,double wheels on front and back end make for easy pushing around,I only have to lift for turning the coop.Now the home to 4 Barred Rocks and 2 Black Australorps.This is just my small contrabution to BackYard Chickens.......thanks for all the inspiration!!!!

what did i learn!!!!!!!!
never hire "the chicken poo crew",they work for candy and they will quit on