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By BluRoo Farm OH · Mar 6, 2017 · ·
  1. BluRoo Farm OH
    I have a great heart-warming story that I want to share about a recently hatched Aussie [​IMG]


    We just incubated and hatched 16 out of 20 of Blue and Black Australorp Chicks. The last 5 chicks had hatched, and they were being kept in the incubator until they dried. There were four remaining unhatched eggs remaining. One had a small hole, so that was positive. The others...not so much. (Later learned- 1 wasn't fertilized, and the other 2 had stop growing around a week.) So I'm preparing the other incubator for the next "batch"of eggs, and having difficulty with stabilizing temperature and humidity before we put eggs in and go to bed. At some point I just became so exhausted (because I stayed up til 3:00 watching the other chicks I decide to unplug it and try again tomorrow.

    The next morning I found that I had accidentally unplugged the incubator with the chicks and eggs inside. Luckily the 5 chicks were fine huddled together to keep warm. I got them out into the heated brooder right away. The other 4 eggs, I'm just sick about...especially the one that had a small hole. So I just stepped away, not ready to deal with removing them because I was beating myself up.

    Later that afternoon, I get the other incubator stabilized and ready for eggs. I am sitting near the "shut down" incubator as I candle each egg for the other incubator. I hear a peep
    from the "shut down" incubator. I open it, and see and hear nothing and no movement from any of the eggs. I close it, and later I heard a peep again. So this went on for a while
    and I'm looking everywhere to try where this peep was coming from. I open the "shut down" incubator again, pick up the egg with a hole in it, and it started peeping. "No Way", I thought. I immediately put the egg in the "shut down" incubator, added some water. Plugged it back in. He worked so hard for 4-5 hours. I don't usually assist, but in this case, I just flicked off a tiny piece of egg shell where his beak was so that He could breath. He worked so hard. You could tell that he was frustrated because some of his peeps would be high pitched shrills. Then He finally made his debut. Oh, I was so relieved. So we decided to name him Lazarus. He is definitely not for Sale. We will keep him around forever for inspiration. ...and now He is snuggled up with his brothers and sisters.

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  1. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thank you BuffOrps416
  2. BuffOrps416
    How amazing! You go Lazarus!
  3. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thanks for sharing your story Betsy57. Everyone loves a story where tenacity and determination overcome the odds.
  4. Betsy57
    I had something similar happen to me. Mama was sitting on the eggs and some were chirping but some weren't. So I set aside one that wasn't chirping. It was 40 degrees outside. That evening it was chirping. I put it back under mama and that was Mira chicken. She was one of my favorites.
  5. ECarter1217
    what a great ending so happy for you
  6. RodNTN
    Great story! Congrtas on POW!
  7. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  8. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thank you Aw-Ee Chicken!
  9. Aw-Ee Chicken
    Aw, that is an inspirational story. It must've been relieving to hear that peep! Congrats; you have a true fighter! I love the name Lazarus. :)
  10. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thank you TheKindaFarmGal!
  11. TheKindaFarmGal
    Wonderful story, so happy that he made it!!
  12. Whittni
  13. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thank you FeatherMtnFarms!!!
  14. FeatherMtnFarms
    How cool! Such a hard worker, shows you should never give up,
  15. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thank you! Twins? How exciting!!!
  16. BBCHICKS123
    That is a touching story and so sweet. When l hatch out my chicks there are always a few that have stories or are special like the twins l just hatched a a lady wanted to buy them and argued with me about it for like an hour
  17. BluRoo Farm OH
    Thanks for the Ovation Peepers Mom!
  18. BluRoo Farm OH too!
  19. JaeG
    What a little warrior! So glad he made it!

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