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Microwave Incubator Build

Step 5. Final touches

Checked over the electrics one last time. Made sure the ground wire was connected to the chassis. Checked that live mains wire was connected through fuse. Checked value of fuse.

Put back the microswitch assembly so that the door would click shut.

Took out the mechanical timer assembly and power triac so that I could use the front panel for the thermostat temperature dial and turner on/reset switch. Removing the transfers on the panel with nail polish remover and a cotton wool swab was gilding the lily.
Used duct tape to seal off the ventilation holes on the side of the interior nearest the fan. Made an adjustable vent on the opposite to fit over the larger ventilation panel.

Put thermal insulation wherever possible in and around the oven. The choice of insulation material depends on where it is going to go. For the interior, where the eggs are, foil-faced bubble wrap is easy to clean and good at reflecting radiant heat from the lamps. For the cavities in the casing, especially on top where there are no wires to worry about, spray foam is an obvious choice. To wrap around the exterior, anything goes, as long as it doesn't block the ventilation holes.

Parts list:

Thermal insulation
Louvred grill for adjustable vent

I also needed:

Duct tape

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