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Microwave Incubator Build

Step 6. Prepare to incubate

Located the repurposed oven somewhere suitable. Adjusted the heating and/or humidity in the room. Wrapped the incubator in further thermal cladding. Put in thermometers/hygrometers, water sponges/diapers, turntable plate, honeycomb. Would have added rocks or water jars for additional thermal mass had there been space. Set everything up and ran it while I tweaked the various parameters. Put in eggs (up to a dozen) and let 'er rip. Topped up humidity by moistening the sponges/diapers as necessary. Switched off egg turner after day 18 and removed honeycomb for hatch.

Parts list:

Accurate, calibrated thermometer(s) and hygrometer
Water sponges/diapers
Rocks or water jars for added thermal mass (optional)

I also needed:

Fertile eggs!

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