Mille Fleur Cochins - My Coopa Cabana Project

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With many Thanx to my BYC friends, I caught the highly contagious MFC bug in 2009! My first 2 pullets, Nutmeg and Ginger, came from Lynne in California. Shortly thereafter, my first cockerel, Paprika (aka 'Pappy'), came from Norm in New York. My next pullet, Tango, found her way home to me, and was bred by Tim in Oklahoma. And finally, my most recent cockerel is Bolero, bred by Rosemary in Colorado. These are now the foundation birds for MFC's at Coopa Cabana!

Nutmeg & Ginger Pappy 'Cochin Cornucopia' Tango Bolero

In January 2010, I bred Tango and Pappy, and now have 4 of the most adorable chicks, all with different down colors!

MFC Chick Progession:
Luna 2/13/10: 1 day; 1 wk; 3 wks; 5 wks; 10 wks:

Bandit 2/14/10: 1 day; 1 wk; 3 wks; 5wks; 10 wks:

Goldie 2/24/10: 1 day; 1 wk; 3 wks; 5 wks; 10wks:

Thumper 2/25/10: 1 day; 1 wk; 3 wks; 5wks; 10wks:

~ ~ ~ ~ 2011 Update ~ ~ ~ ~
By the end of 2010, I knew I wasn't happy with the results I was getting from my breeder stock, so I re-homed everyone except my hen Tango, and purchased 2 new roos for her for the 2011 breeding season. Cracker Jack (CJ) and Jackson are father and son. So, in 2011, I'm starting all over with only the following Mille Fleurs:

Cracker Jack (CJ) Tango Jackson