Hi, I'm Missi from Pride, La. I've been involved with chickens since 09' and have enjoyed every minute of it. Since I've started I've enlarged my coop, added 2 grow out sections on it and have gone from having a few to having a whole lot!! It's just so addicting!!
This is the coop/run when we started.
The coop is 16ft x 5ft and the run is 16ft x 16ft.

This is after one of the additions.
We added a 8ft x 8ft "nursery" section. The coop is 4ft x 4ft.

This is after we added to the run.
We added 16ft x 16ft to it.

Then I added another grown out section to it!
I added another 8ft x 8ft section to it.

I think we're done for now! :gig
Ahhhh.... Never say never!! ;)

So after I almost had my run structure completely collapsed from trying to cover it with a tarp and forgetting to cut slits in it we had to fix it. And in doing so I was able to separate one section into 2 so I now have 3 complete separate sections to house my different breeds!!


This is how nice it was when we covered it. Made such a difference in there to help with the 100+ temps we were having.



It was a total mess.


We went in an braced it and bought shade cloths from Ace Hardware to help with the heat!


Had to make a new coop for them.

And here it is completed!! NOW I think we're finished until we build out new coop!!