I saw alot of great posts about the Little Tykes Coop! Never thought I'd need to go that route till someone posted that they use it as a grow out coop. So I got this great idea that I could make one and place inside my run to put 4 - 8 week olds in there. I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle and had 4 people email me offering me one. For less than $20 I had all the openings covered in hardware cloth and a latch on the door!
Here's a couple of pics of the finished coop and where I had it in my run.


Well after about a week and a few bad rain storns it got completly nasty in there and just wouldn't dry out. Also with the feeder and waterer there just wasn't much room, so I removed them and put them back in their brooder.
So after a couple of weeks I decided to add another section to my run. I enclosed a 8x8 section and placed the house in there caulked where the 2 sections of the roof meet to try to keep it as dry as possible in there. So now I have happy babies! Their almost 13 weeks old now.

Here's my little black sex link. (even though she looks brown in the pic) Caught her roosting on top the house when I went out to check on them when I got home from work the day after I finished it. I don't think she ever slept inside unless it was storming!!

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