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By newburt · Apr 10, 2013 · ·
  1. newburt
    My son and I built this mobile brooder this past weekend. All it needs now is a good coat of paint to seal the wood so the weather doesnt take its toll on it. We wanted to have more brooder space and the ability to brood outdoors so we decided to build our brooder portable.[​IMG]


    [​IMG]The brooder floor is made of 1/2 by 1/2 inch wire and is 14 inches off the ground. the distance from the ground to the floor made it too easy for draft and predators to come in from underneath so we ran the plywood sides down past the floor to about 2 inches off the ground to keep down draft and deter some predators. So far everything has worked out good. We put our 10 plymouth Rock Chicks in the brooder and they are 2 weeks old and so far it has worked out great. The brooder is on 8 inch solid rubber wheels which makes it very easy to move it anywhere around our yard within reach of an extension cord to keep the light on and provides natural fertilizer to our grass in the process. Thanks for looking at our Brooder.

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  1. newburt
    yeah we used 2x2s to frame the top and the tin makes it very steady. We had a lot of fun building it and it is working great so far. It has so much room than the small brooders we were using before.
  2. dennymeyrand
    Great idea making it portable. I may do this to mine. Mine has a 4'x8' base with 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth for the floor. the sides are 16" tall and the floor sits about 2' off the ground. The top of mine is hardware cloth too, so I'd have to change that a little to make it waterproof.

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