I've learned so much here on BYC - it's a fantastic resource tool for all your poultry needs. Member contributions are what make BYC so great - and these are some of my favorite forums, threads and posts:
My ABC's of BYC (or BYC ~ A to Z):

From Auctions and Araucanas and Artificial Insemenation ,
to Brooders and Bantams and Broilers ,
to Coops and Candling and Cochins ,
to Dust Baths and Diseases and Deep Litter Methods .

From Embryos and Eggs and Easter Eggers ,
to Feeding and Fertility and Free-Ranging ,
to Genetics and Grit and Golden Feather Members ,
to Hatching and Hens and Heritage Breeds .

From Incubators and Injuries and Inbreeding ,
to Jaerhons and Jokes & Games and Jubilees ,
to Keratin and Kefir and Keels ,
to Layers and Leg Bands and L.O.R.E.

From Manure and Molting and Mareks ,
to Nest Boxes and N.P.I.P. and Nifty ,
to Orpingtons and Oviducts and Oyster Shell ,
to Parasites and Predators and Poop Boards .

From Quarantines and Quail ,
to Roosters and Recipes and Roosts ,
to Showing and Sexing and Spraddle Leg and Stink-Eye ,
to Treats and Turkens and Tudy .

From U.S.D.A and Uropygial Glands and U.S.P.S. Shipping ,
to Ventilation and Vaccinations and Vents ,
to Waterers and Wattles and Wyandottes ,
to Xanthophyll and the X-factor of Chicken Math.

From Yokohamas and Yolk Color and Yogurt ,
to Zoning Ordinances and ZW & ZZ-Chromosomes .

~Coopa Cabana