My BYC Family (best friends)

By summerb123 · Nov 30, 2016 · ·
  1. summerb123
    All of us have curtain member or members you talk to a lot or cosider your friend! well over the months I have made lots friends!

    @Braxton Brigade

    Your a great friend Lacie! I'm SO glad we met! We met when we were on a thread chatting about our Roosters and she noticed were from the same state we clicked! Glad that she told me that!


    Your a great friend Marie! We share many intersts! I met her when she was trying to figure out what was wrong with her Polish (Hats) togue We started chatting and have ben close ever since!


    Your a great freind Moo! I know your name but you brefer me to call you Moo; Thats cool! We met Little over 3 weeks ago and We're a like in some ways! We PM each other and and joke and have fun!


    Your a great friend Jake! Although you and me don't share many interest we get along great! We met on my chat thread and we have talked ever since! We join each others contest and chat and have a good time!


    We just met and already a good friends! We met a couple days ago on my Hen contest, and we're getting along quite well! Ihope to get to know you better and become great friends!


    Your a pretty good friend Lily! It's great having you around! We met on a breed game and alway competative (well at least I was)! We would talk now and then, and then we became better friends. I found your chat thread and we have talk here and there ever since!


    Your a great friend we like to joke around and have fun!She says I'm fun to hag out with! I apreciate her and admire her! I honestly I forgot were I met her! But I enjoy her and we have fun!


    Your a great friend Zelda! We have a good time whenever we bump into each other! I Think we met on a game thread and chatted ever since! I enjoy having you around!


    Your pretty good freind! I met you not to long ago on my Hen contest and we have talked some after that! I enjoy having you aroung and hope to get to know you better!!

    Thats all for now! Keep check for my new friends as I meet new people and potianal friends! I'm glad I found BYC and I found friends that understand me! The same interests! and Have fun with!
    It's all becuase of BYC Thank you so much BYC!!!!!!

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  1. vachick15
    I just saw this! Thank you, Summer! Your a great friend too!
      summerb123 likes this.
  2. summerb123
    your welcome Marie!!!!
  3. Chickensfan
    thanks Summer! all of the things you said were really kind!
  4. summerb123
    YOUR WELCOME!!!!!!!
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  5. chicken4prez
    Thanks, Summer!
  6. summerb123
    your welome Fluffers
  7. Fluffers
    Yay :D Thanks Summer!
  8. summerb123
    your welcome Lacie!
  9. Braxton Brigade
    Awww, thanks so much. I really have appreciated your friendship, Summer.

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