And here are my chicks.....
I have 4 Barnevelder hens and 1 cock .... Mick, Rusty, Edelweiss, Blossom and Daisy

And four Americauna (I think they are Easter Eggers, not true Americaunas) hens ... Esmerelda, Miranda, Dayglow, Vesper

To see them as adults (or adolescents!!) go to the Barnevelder and Easter Egger pages. They are quite comical. They come "pouring" out of the door when I open it in the morning. And they are getting quite used to me and come when I open the cage to put food in. I love to take a crate and sit out by the cage and "talk" to them. I'm also looking for a "treat" I can give them to get them to come to my hands. The Easter Eggers sleep on the roosts and the Barnevelders sleep in the corner of the coop. I have blocked off the nest boxes so they can't sleep in them!!