My favorite EE chickens

  1. chickenluver555
    This is Buttercup and her sister Buttons, they are 19 week old Easter Eggers. I got them from a local farm when they were just a day old. Now, these two cuties have laid a blue and pink egg for me!

    [​IMG] Buttercup. She is the head chicken, and loves to boss around her sisters. Buttercup is always exited to see me, and can't wait to be pet and played with. Her favorite treat is bird seeds. She always goes crazy when I throw the bird food into her pen.

    [​IMG] Buttons. She is the friendliest chicken I have. Buttons is always standing at the door waiting for me. I believe that she is the one who laid the blue egg, but I can't be sure. Her favorite treat is clovers. She likes when I stick clovers in through the holes of her pen. She bites off each leaf, then begs for more.

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  1. Whittni
    Cute, thanks for sharing. I like Buttons :)

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