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  1. chickenluver555
    My Little Flock of Easter Eggers:
    we had a photo shoot today :)

    [​IMG] Buttons, 20 weeks. She found her way into my flower bed this morning. I had to snap a few pics before putting her back in her pen because she looked so cute, until she began eating all my flowers.

    [​IMG] Buttons

    [​IMG] Buttons

    [​IMG] Buttons

    [​IMG] Buttons

    [​IMG] Buttons

    [​IMG] Buttons is looking right into the camera, after this picture she pecked the camera lens.

    [​IMG] Buttons joined her sisters in this crazy contraption I made yesterday.

    [​IMG] Brownie

    [​IMG] Brownie

    [​IMG] Brownie, 20 weeks. She is taking a nice dust bath, a.k.a destroying all my grass.

    [​IMG] Buttercup is posing nicely for a picture. She has always been the most photo-genic of the three.

    [​IMG] Buttercup

    [​IMG] Buttons s being closely stalked, I mean guarded, by my dog Jeter.

    [​IMG] My 3 peas in a pod.

    [​IMG] Too cute. Now they are all taking dust baths together. AHHH my grass.

    I love my 3 chickens. They have been together ever since they were two days old when I bought them from a local farmer. Ever since, I have not been able to separate them. Wherever one goes, the others follow. It is just so cute!

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  1. Teena Marie
    Very nice chickens and photos!
  2. chickenluver555
    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and support. I really appreciate it!
  3. trishminis3
    Beautiful chooks. Tx
  4. chickencrazy429
    Buttercup is very photogenic!! Love her pose. :)
  5. Troy6671
    Very pretty girls:) Thanks for sharing your photos!
  6. myfowlfriends
    Easter eggers are the most beautiful chickens in my opinion, and their plumage is not only aesthetically pleasing but great camoflauge. I have two that are devoted sisters to each other. Buttons' coloration is sooo nice!
    I have an americuana that looks like buttercup.Her name is Reeses.
  8. PekinBantam
    Adorable! I've always wanted Easter Eggers. *Sigh*
  9. BackyardAnita
    My easter egger is named buttons too!
  10. LoveChickens123
    awe i love them

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