My user name is "MyFiveGirls" in memory of my first five chickens
and because when I first joined BYC,
I only had five "girls" and didn't intend on
getting any more than five.

Penny, Fluffy Buns, Honey, Pretty Girl & Peach Bottom

I received them from some friends as a gift in August 2008.

They lived a great life, laid many eggs, and were very special to me.
Plus, they were very pretty and friendly.

Their First Eggs!

They didn't even mind the snow!

They also occasionally laid Jumbo eggs!
They were good foragers, and even helped "work" the compost pile.

But, that all changed on April 12, 2010, when my prey-driven terrier decided​

that he needed to "take care of these critters".
I found him standing near one of the three dead birds,
and quickly let him know he hadn't done me any favors.
The fourth chicken was severely wounded,
and had to put out of her misery.
But, Fluffy was no where to be found. She had "flown
the coop" and somehow escaped unharmed. But, the
shock of loosing her "sisters", along with being 2 years old,
caused her to molt, and after two months of waiting,
I decided it was time to say good-bye to the last
of my first five girls.