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    My Flock
    It all started with 5 Red Star pullets that were given to me in 2008.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    But, I think it the desire for chickens started when I was a little girl, and I went to visit my dad at work where there were baby chicks in the spring. A few years later, I wanted to visit the county fair's poultry section. I always had a love for animals, and it started with dogs, but now it's spread to chickens!
    (See my "My First Five Girls" page for more about them)
    In the late winter of 2010, I began thinking about my next batch of chickens, because I'd heard that they usually only lay good until they molt, usually around 2 to 2 1/2 yrs old. I was also interested in meat chickens, but everything was in the planning stages.

    I found that BYC was a great resource for information and any questions you might have about raising chickens. I had many different breeds I wanted to try, but I was limited the number I could have. I was originally thinking of just a few "extra" beyond the 5 replacements, maybe 7-8 total. But, since I wanted to try 3 or 4 breeds, but I still wanted a good number of Red Stars, so the number kept growing. You know, "chicken math" had set in. Right up to the point before I ordered them, I decided on 10 chicks. At the last minute, I decided to get 1 "extra" Red Star, so that I'd have 4 Red Stars, 3 EEs, 2 GLWs & 2 SLWs.
    We picked them up on April 20, 2010, from a family who we'd combined orders with.
    They were all SO adorable at this stage!
    We discovered that three of the "chipmunk" chicks that were constantly running around were actually Brown Leghorns. A week later, we traded the leghorns for the EEs I had ordered. As a result, I don't have any day-old pictures of the EE girls.
    At two weeks old - May 6th

    Here the girls are a few days away from being 4 weeks old,
    (May 16) just before moving into their big girl's coop.


    June 1st - Out in the Garden
    June 11th - Roosting in the Trees
    Where's they're supposed to roost - in the coop
    October 28th - Eating day-old bread and grass
    Grace in the nesting box and the Egg Basket
    Eating Scratch on a Frosty November Morning

    For more photos and stories about my chickens, visit:

    Thanks for looking at my page.
    God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Abriana
    What a great story of how you got your chickens. I began with eight, and ended up with eighteen and hatching out some for my neighbors. What a happy little flock. Love your wyandottes. I have two, a gold laced named Coral and a silver laced named Blossom. Great article.
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    1. myfivegirls
      Thank you! I no longer have those chickens, but I did like the looks of the Wyandottes. My flock has now grown much larger, as I've been breeding my own Catskill Homesteader Chickens since 2013. You can find more recent photos on my website & Facebook pages by searching for Paradise in Disguise Hobby Farm. Have a great day!
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