The darker hen is the Queen of the Backyard, everyone must obey her or else, the lighter one is Honey B she has a bad leg due to the fox attack when they were living at their original home, this 2 hens were the only survivors of the attack so they came to live with us :) Honey B talks and sings to you, she mothers the pullets and lays the really jumbo eggs.


This is Lil Louise a bantam/game bird mix, very skittish and flighty but has the best antics, she came with another banty mix and a roo but the roo became very vocal and we didn't want to disturb our nieghbors so the roo and other hen went to a new home. Oh some one thought she has some guinea in her but I am not too sure, she is just fun to have, she announces everything that happens in the backyard:)


this is Hawkeye, her face looks like a hawk, she is an EE, we just love how pretty she is but she is so flighty

This is Hawkeye's sister Buckeye, she is also flighty, we enjoy watching them discover the backyard

And this is Big Red, he was bought the same time as Hawkeye and Buckeye, all 3 hang out together under the honeysuckle bush


and our new peeps :)