Our house sits on the only clear spot in our 3.5 acres. Being far too lazy to clear the nasty pokey weeds by hand I got goats to do the job for me. They do a very good job and fertilize as they go.

This is what we started with, thich weeds you can barely fight your way through and they're pokey!


This is my husband's old bbq. It finally died and the weeds are taking it over.

The goats are cute and very diligent about their chore. I don't milk them, the girls are 9 and 10 years of age, they could still be bred but I don't want to have kids in my middle age so why would I do that to them
They are escape artists. They can find any weak spot and crawl under. I have seen them fit through some really tight spots and then just stand on the outside of the fence looking in like "How did that happen?"


Skye gets out just so she can scratch her back under my bumper

Skye is so happy to be back in she has to run and play. The girls are pygmy goats, about as tall as a cocker spanial and about as wide as they are tall. they are not related but have lived together their whole lives. Skye is the black one, she's the herd queen and the boss! Just ask her, she'll tell you.

Allie is the shy quiet one, till the sun comes out, then she wants to play too. This in Knuckles, my labragoat. He is the sweetest gentlest goat on the planet. He loves to be pet, nothing scares him, and he's fixed so he doesn't do any of those nasty billy goat "things"

They lean on the wire and slide down the fence till they pop it loose then they crawl under. Which is why all the fence posts (except the ones my daughter put in) are on the OUTSIDE. As they break the posts free I move them to the outside. I use the post to pin the fence to the ground and then zip ties to attach the fence to the posts.

Remember all the weeds in the top pictures? This is all that's left. Pretty good work for 3 cute goats.
About my goat house. I only get wind from one direction. The surrounding mountains block wind from the others, so I keep my goat house facing away from the prevailing wind as the goats don't like wind. They don't mind a little but we get hurricane force winds throughout the year. Also, I would like to note that we built this with scraps left over from the building of our home. It was free and easy. I used corrigated fiberglass for the roof and it holds up even when we get over 2 feet of snow in a single fall. I would have prefered a steeper pitch as the condensation doesn't always trickle down the roof and drip outside (the back edge does not touch the back wall so the drips could run through) oh well, so far it's working. The goats want out of the wind and rain, but will stand out and get snowed on. I have handles that I screw to the outside walls when it's time to move them to a new area making it easy for my daughters and myself to carry it to the new location. I don't leave the handles on as Knuckles sould catch a horn or the girls would knock them off. I do not let anything (stumps, logs, buckets...) stay within 2' of the fence as the goats will climb anything and everything and will jump over the fence if they have a means of getting high enough. As it is, the little black one has perfected her baseball slide and shoots under any time she finds a weak spot. They do not wander, but they do get into the garden. They fence is more to keep them safe from neighbors dogs, I do let them out to browse when I can watch them so they don't get into trouble. My 9 year old son can handle all of them, the little black one is his favorite even though she is the fiestiest.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!