My hen is Sick, Please help me

By Hamzaqayyum · Jun 23, 2015 · ·
  1. Hamzaqayyum
    Respected Members,
    Here's my hen, she is about 5 months and 15 days, she lay 2 eggs till now, but for the last 4 days she suddenly stop laying eggs, Her feces contain yellow substance and few worms having very big length, i feed boiled rice,broccoli, and water through syringe, but she weak day by day,I don't know what to do, she closed her eyes and sometime complete close her eyes, i am easily able to catch her, she is not resisting anymore. Please help me, i am not sleep my whole night, i grew her with lot of struggle, but now i am feeling that i loses her, i do my best, if u give me any advice, plz plz plz, i am very worried.
    Yours affectionately,
    Hen owner.

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  1. CrystalLuvsHens
    I am so sorry! I recently had my dogs eat 4 chickens and lost 2 because of inbreeding. I hope your heart will heal with love.
  2. TwoCrows
    Oh I am so sorry. Definitely worm the rest of your birds as they no doubt have worms as well and well perish too. I hope your heavy heart can heal soon. *HUGS*
  3. TheBantyCoop
    Sorry to hear that she didn't make it. :(
    Worming is defiantly a good idea and don't forget to sanitize your coop too!
    You can buy wormers on amazon, and on many other sites.
    Good luck with your birds,
  4. Brookliner
    You should worm the rest of your chickens since the one hen had worms they probably all do. Worms can kill chickens. Worm with safeguard and 10 days later with valbazan.
  5. Hamzaqayyum
    Sorry, but with deep sadness and hopeless, she is now expire, she died very painfully, i can feel her pain.
  6. TwoCrows
    You need to post this in our Emergency where you will get more help. Click here for starting a new thread there.....

    If she does have worms, she will need to be wormed immediately. Sounds like she may not make it however. Please post ASAP in our Emergency section. I hope she makes a full recovery.
  7. TheBantyCoop

    Hi I am no expert, but you should separate her from the rest of the flock ASAP. A box similar in setup to a chick brooder would be a good place for her for now. Once you have separated the sick hen be sure to disinfect the coop. Do you have a vet? If you do call them right away, or as soon as they open. I have heard that putting apple cider vinegar in your chicken's water (about a teaspoon per gallon, more won't hurt!) could help your girls with any parasites they might have. A vet is what you really need though and really soon.
    I know it sounds awful, but if she seems to be suffering you may want to consider putting her down. This will also help the rest of the flock stay safe. I hope it doesn't come to that, but try not to rule it out. Those are my tips!

    Best of luck,

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