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  • Wow! You moved to the California Coast? How awesome is that?! Fun in the sun every day.

    I've been great.
    Thanks! I had that one for mother's day. So I now have a new one. Lol! I never keep my avatars very long.
    Watercolor is an amazing thing. The only medium that you have to start with your lights and work your way to your darks. Without making it look muddy. Definitely a lesson in patience. But we'll worth the effort, when done right.
    9h, that terrible I hope you get to feeling better and that you enjoy your family time together.

    I've been getting over a bad case of poison ivy. :hmm
    My Easter was alright. My family couldn't come to visit that day. So we are having a get together this weekend. :) I'm glad you had a blessed day. Down time is very important.

    Thsnks! I love Phoenix and that picture is pretty cool.
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