NOTE: I'm still putting this page together, so finished pics aren't here yet....Gotta find that dern camera!
It's done!!! Here's some pics, I hope it ends up working out....It's not as big as I wanted, but oh well. It'll hold about two dozen eggs MAX, no extras! Anyways, thanks for looking!

I should have done better step-by-step instructions, but I did draw up a wiring diagram, check it out if you're interested. The wiring diagram for the PC fan isn't included, since it's pretty simple. All you need is an AC adapter and a PC fan, cut the plug off the AC adapter and wire it negative to negative and positive to positive to the PC fan wires.

This is the wiring diagram....I made it as simple and easy to read as I could. If anyone had ANY questions please feel free to ask! The transformer is also called a "Fan Center", and is part of a furnace.

Transformer/Fan Center

AC contactor

Mercury thermostat

Wiring the bulb to the contactor

"R" is for Red wire, "W" is for white wire! Under the electrical tape you can see a little round circle...that was the stop for the temp adjuster, I had to cut it off so I could adjust the thermostat high enough.

Contactor wired to the light bulb.

There are some extra wires on the fan center/ sure to wire nut and electrical tape them! All you need are the positive and negative wires....

Power cord to the fan center/transformer.