My "New" Bought Coop

By Cats Critters · Jul 9, 2013 · Updated Aug 20, 2013 · ·
  1. Cats Critters
    I bought this coop a few years ago as my old blue coop's wood was being ripped though by raccoons. It was bought from a local business that makes sheds, chicken coops, deer stands, and swing sets.

    If I had to do it over again I would:
    -Make the doorway taller (I have to duck to get in, and sometimes don't think going out and hit my head)
    -Bigger nesting boxes, these fit the bantams well but the standards are a little cramped and sometimes lay on the outside step
    - Better ventalation
    -Screens on the windows that a predator tight, this is a project I plan on working on here shortly but the screens it came with a just normal screens and easily torn and not predator proof.
    -I've added screens to the front windows, they're not pretty but they work. Still need to do the back ones though
    - More storage space, I currently have food (in a metal trash can) and bags of shavings on the floor of the coop taking up floor space and in the past I've had hens hid eggs behind them. So somewhere else to store them would be wonderful
    -Of course bigger because of chicken math
    -Drains in the back, one on each side, with the plastic flooring stuff it's easy to wash down but it's hard as heck to get all the water out.

    Here are some pictures of it when it was new:

    One of the pop doors:

    The coop is divided into two sides with a door between that can be opened so it can be used as one big coop or two smaller coops, each side has a pop door, a front door, and two windows one at the front and the other in the back:

    The dividing wall/door:

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    "Pre-fab coop"
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    Nice looking coop and good remarks on what to change 'next' time.
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  1. Cats Critters
    Pjchicks, I bought it from a local company whose name is currently escaping me. I'll try to dig up the name later though.
  2. Pjchicks
    I love this coop will you share where you bought it from??
  3. Cats Critters
    Peaceeagle1 the hens do fit, but the standards sometime don't sit well in them and lay eggs on the outside step. They also have a hard time turning and I really wouldn't want a standard brooding in one because of the tight fit.
  4. GertrudeLover01
  5. Whittni
    I like it :) thanks for sharing.
  6. Peaceeagle1
    nice. Those nest boxes look more then adequate. My hens usually use a small cat carrier. I don't think they mind being cramped in cause I've had 2 in it at 1 time! I actually had 2 turkeys brooding together in a slightly larger cat carrier. They were really squished!
  7. desertegg
    That's the best looking pre-fab coop I've ever seen. Jealous!
  8. CarolinaHens
    Nice..... looks very roomy inside.

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