Welcome to my page. I now have a blog: www.catscritters.blogspot.com
.I have 7 birds at the moment, 2 roosters and 5 hens.

The Flock

Red my main flock rooster an Easter Egger, 7 years old (5/4/09 incubator). Pictured with a WL/EE hen(who has since passed):

Then their is a little 3/4 EE/ 1/4 BA hen that is Red's daughter
And a Buff Orpington and a Rhode island Red cross, who where given to me in the fall of 2015 by my grandmother to replace birds I lost to a predator while my brother was watching them.
Then I have 3 birds, I brought home November 2015 from a class I took in college a Silver Laced wyandotte rooster named Bodie, a Silver laced Wyandotte hen named Clarice, and a little EE named Zazu.

I also have 3 cats (they are dumpies), Nick the family dog(a beagle), and a rat named Luke. But also living here but not mine are 2 turtles, a guinea pig, and 6 ducks. I'm also a reading addict, so if you want to talk books I'm your girl and I garden.

RIP: Freddy(BR), Easter(EE), my 7 babies, little Yellow Legs(WL/EE), little #11(BR/EE), Baby(also know as Lone Ranger, EE), 2 unnamed winter losses, Spectacle(EE), KD(EE), Big Mama(EE), Betty(WL) , Black and Grey BA/EE, 3 unnamed lost 7/9, Romeo(BR) , Barred bird(BR/EE),Baby Broody (EE) , Torn-Up(EE), Grey(EE), Vanna (WL), Fred(RIR), Juliet(BR), Romeo's daughters 2 EE/BR, Caramel(WL/EE) and a BA, a black and red BA/EE, Dolly(BR) , a CM, another CM 3/22, Chipmunk(EE), 2 CMs, a BA, , Clean faced WL/EE, Kernel(WL/EE), the muffed WL/EE, bantam Buff cochin, bantam black mottled cochin, bantam white cochin, the little Brown Leghorn pullet, the littlest Brown leghorn rooster, the BA/EE's two babies (chipmunk and black), the BA/EE's chick with the deformed foot, and my beautiful CM hen who was the last of my original order, the evil Brown leghorn rooster, 3 3/4EE/1/4BA, a brown leghorn rooster, a mix breed bantam hen, and the rest of the 6 chicks the BA/EE hatched out, the BA/EE, the last brown leghorn hens( originally given to me 7/2/13.)

And Goodbye to my Roosters who went to new homes: Edward (CM/EE) and the 3 EE/BR brothers.
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