I have seen a lot of posts lately about what color(s) a breed lays, so I made a chart to put them all together. If you have any pics to add, please submit them in the thread here:


BreedEgg Color Pictures
Blue (the brown egg is not an Ameraucana egg)

This site: http://www.ameraucana.org/ClubMerchandise.html
it has an Ameraucana egg color chart.

Easter Egger Blue,Green, are common but can come in any color as the last picture shows 4439_2_small_green_eggs_and_a_normal_green_egg_9-20_003.jpg 4439_wild_color_ees_egg_2-13-10_002.jpg
Ancona White, bottom egg in the picture.

Andalusian White (2nd carton)
Araucana Blue (center egg is the Araucana)
Cream or tinted
(Brown egg is the Aseel, white is a store egg)

Black Australorp Brown, but mine look pinkish
Barnevelder Dark brown
Brahma Brown
Sicilian Buttercup White
Campine White
Chantecler Brown
Cochin Light brown/cream
Cornish Light brown
Mille Fluer d'Uccles Cream or tinted
Catalanas Cream or tinted
Crevecoeurs White
Cubalaya Cream or tinted
Delaware Brown
Dominique Brown
Cream or tinted
The dorking egg is in the top left.

Dutch Bantam White
Faverolle Cream or tinted
Hamburg White
Holland White
Houdan White
Japanese Bantam Cream or tinted
Java Brown
Jersey Giant Brown (egg on the left is a Jersey Giant egg)
La Fleche White

Lakenvelder Cream or tinted
Langshan Dark brown
Leghorn White

Malay Light brown
Dark brown, but hatchery birds' eggs are not always dark.

The brown eggs in the top picture are the Marans eggs.

The 2nd picture was taken without a flash and the forth with a flash

The third picture is an egg from my CMs, but it is a weird/long shape.

Minorca White
Modern Games White
Turken Light brown
New Hampshire Red Brown

Old English Game
Cream or tinted
In Second picture the 1st egg is a Appenzeller Spithauben and the 2nd is an Old English Game

Orpington Brown
Phoenix Cream or tinted
Polish White
Rhode Island Red Brown
Rosecomb Cream or tinted
Silkie Cream or tinted
Sultan White
Sumatra White
Sussex Light brown
Welsummer Dark brown

White Faced Black Spanish White
Wyandotte Brown
Cream or tinted

Yokohama's egg, compared with a normal sized large-fowl egg and a dollar

Appenzeller Spithauben
First Egg is a Appenzeller Spithauben the second is an Old English Game.

Egyptian Fayoumi Off-white
Cream Legbar Blue-green/Olive (egg to the far right is the Cream Legbar)
Plymouth Rocks Brown

Red Sex-links
(Also know as Red Stars,Golden Comet, and about a million other things)

Penedesece Dark brown
Icelandic White
Russian Orloff Brown with white specks
Cream Brabanter White

Black Sex-link
(also known as Black Stars)

Shamo Light brown

Please PM me or post about any mistakes on the thread and thanks to all who donated pictures!