Egg Color Chart - Find Out What Egg Color Your Breed Lays

Thank you so much! Great help.
I enjoyed scanning through all the breeds
but on mobile I am unable to view the whole chart, just one half. The egg images are cut off (appear to go off screen) and I am just left with the breed and egg color.
This really helped me a lot!
Excellent color chart and the comparisons between different breeds of Chickens.
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It’s nice to have the photos of the eggs for each breed all in one convenient place! I know the list isn’t exhaustive, but it covers all of my breeds I currently have. Thanks for putting this together!
For anyone interested in a colorful egg basket, this is a good reference to go by when selecting breeds for their flock.
Nicely done as I just acquired a Hamburg and Appenzeller. Both white layers but now I can see the difference in the two white eggs and I can see who is laying first! Thank you!
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Great job getting pictures of most of the (breeds listed) eggs.
Very helpful with nice pics too.
Very informative.
Loved the different pictures to see different bread eggs
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