"Picoty Palace"
The "Green" tractor
This was my motivation


I had this old door lying around and figured I could do something with it. Then my inlaws brought over a bunch of 2X6's from where they changed out the stairs on their house. They live in an elevated home, with exterior stairs leading up to the living quarter's. As I staired (no pun intentended) It came to me. Let's see if I can build a tractor out of left over lumber.

So I took 6 of the steps and made the legs. Still unsure of how this was all going to come together, I sought out advise from my dear bride. we decided that we needed a home for our silkies, it was determined that this would be for them. I say this because the size of the bird dictates the rest of the design.

So a three story structure was in order. This gave us plenty of room for the 5 silkies we had planned on placing in the coop. Though the lighting is bad, you can see the floor (or the yard) ir is about 6 1/2 feet by 3 feet. The second level (to the left) is about half, and the third level (to the right)Of course at this point I am resovling that maybe 2X6's are not the lightest choice for a movable structure, but it's what I had to work with.

So we get it just about done. at this point all the chicken wire and chain link (we have bad dogs that like to eat chickens) are intalled and we haul it outside to put the tin on. It is confirmed at this point that the 2X6's where extreme over kill. I am guessing that the thing weighs about 400lbs or more. But we manage to attach it to the lawn tractor and install the tin in the yard. Now it's to to deliver it.

Well the goats seem to like it. How about the chicken's?

Yep, the three sister's are good to go. They love it. I place a roosting pole just outside the top laying portion of the coop, one at the second level, just at the bottom of the ramp, and one at the bottom. They can roost at every level, and check out the entire yard. It has been a few days now and the have yet to calm down enough to lay, but it should not be long.
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