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New Additions 1

By PIO-PIO · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. PIO-PIO
    OKAY SOOO.....
    Whoever said that these tiny little chicks are addictive........
    They are sooo correct!!!!
    As everyones story goes.......
    we went to the feed store to get more chicken food
    and what did I hear but little chirps.....
    so guess what came home?
    2 amerucana chicks.
    gender unknown so its a 50/50 with 2.
    I have a HOA so no roosters allowed...
    If Im extremly lucky I will have 2 hens and have to make my coop bigger and on the other hand if both are roosters someone else is going to be happy since I have already done all the work.lol.
    enough about all this and lets show you the new babies...

    Lenix with twilight
    Lyric with sparks
    I know they are too cute!
    (please,please,please be girls!!!)

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