Hello BYC!!
I am happy to be here, and quite intrigued by everything I have seen so far. I am a new homesteader, we just purchased a little farm back in the middle of nowhere.
The closest we are to a "town" is a good 20 minute drive - makes running an errand a bit more of a hassle.
Our farmette came with it's very own chicken coop and we are SUPER excited to venture into the world of owning some chickens.
From what I have researched, I am really interested in getting a few Cochins as I have heard nothing but great things about their disposition. Really, we want good layers that are children friendly. We have 4 children thus far and are hoping for many, many more. Of those 4, only one is a child (so far, and thus the many many more...hehe), the others are pets, but who says they can't be "children" anyway? We are starting our garden this year and are hoping to really get things going, especially since chicken manure is suppose to be excellent fertilizer! We are in the process of finding where to purchase some feathered friends in the NC area and it seems the closest place is an hour away,
they do not have Cochins though. I also liked the idea that they (from what I have read) are fun mousers!! I'm not sure though what would be best, I have seen a grey spotted hawk prowling our yard recently, and I fear he is looking for an easy meal. Sure hope chicken isn't on his menu!! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, and I welcome any and all suggestions you might have for a new homesteader/chicken enthusiast!!