Our original coop was UGLY...it was found on our property, hidden in the woods. We thought we would just dismember it and relocate it add some sides, etc...

We decided we did not like that and so we started from scratch.
Our property also had a concrete slab which we planned to build on top of....

This was my dream look:

So...Day one we started framing:

My poor DH had to drill holes into the concrete to anchor the walls into the concrete!! He was SORE, but after a long day's work we were able to get all 4 walls up.

Day TWO we worked on just framing the roof and getting the window slots cut out

Day THREE: the walls went up and there was a MAD dash to get a coat of paint on before they were rained on!!

Day Four: Was a mad dash to get painting done and everything ready before the weather kicked us back inside. We were able to get doors and windows on. We were in the process of doing more, when we heard news of the tornadoes. Because of them, the wind was blowing so hard, the DH had to temporarily nail shut the doors and windows to keep them from blowing open. There is hardware cloth installed over the octagonal vent as well as under the eves on the back side. We did not have time to install them on the front side (where the run will be) so DH temporarily nailed up a few 2x12's so no critters could find themselves a meal. There is some bird netting up in the rafters so the boys and girls cannot perch up there (not sure if they can make it to 7' but just in case). While we were working outside, the boys & girls arrived and were enjoying a bit of time in their new surroundings.

We have 7 Orpingtons in colors of Buff, Black (LO gene), and Lavender. Our DD "picked" names (well she picked books up from a stack of 24) and from there we chose their names - all from Beatrix Potter.

The BO on the right is Jeremy Fisher (roo), the BO on the left is Jemima Puddleduck (pullet); the blacks are: Cotton-tail (bottom, roo), Flopsy (larger pullet), Mopsy (smallest black); the Lavenders are: Timmy Tiptoes (roo, the one "on top") and Mrs. Tiggy-Wiggy (pullet)
Well, I snuck out while the DH was at work and not only put HWC in the windows, but put up an apron for the run, which is the next thing we are working on. Saturdays are our work days, so this is technically day 4.5. I managed to get the HWC installed around the bottom, with a slot cut out for the door. This weekend we plan to get the run completed and work on cutting out the interior doors for the barn (made of HWC) so we can fully open up the barn!!