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NorCal CC

By norcalchet, Sep 8, 2014 | Updated: Jan 29, 2015 | | |
  1. norcalchet
    Here’s the finished product. Cost about $1,500 (I was shooting for $500 - Oops).

    The story of the build goes:

    Buy house in Northern California.

    Think it would be nice to have chickens.

    Don’t ask wife.

    Buy chicks.


    Discover https://www.backyardchickens.com/ Learn first mistake people make is to buy chicks before coop is built.

    Google more.

    Decide on small coop inside a big run (because of hawks).

    Something like this:

    Try to figure out plans for coop.

    Give up.

    Buy coop (from antique store for $185).

    Try to figure out plans for run.

    Give up.

    Continue to watch chicks grow.

    Google more.

    Buy plans for run from here: http://www.thegardencoop.com/

    Modify plans by making it twice as big and incorporating the retaining wall along the back.

    Buy tools (sweet!).

    Buy lumber.

    Dig trenches.

    Stain wood.

    Frame wood.

    Attach hardware cloth.

    Definitely use these to attach hardware cloth (I tried everything).

    Put it together.

    And none too soon.

    Put on roof.

    Add straw.

    Add roost (an old fence post).

    Add chickens.

    And relax.

    Some features:

    Brick entry for the rainy season.

    Solution to retaining wall.

    Dutch door.

    View with top door open.

    Automatic waterer from http://chickenfountain.com/ Since I bought this and use the deep litter method, I only go into the run once a week to refill their food.

    My kids get the eggs.

    After dinner I let them out. They always go home to roost (but you knew that).

    Chicken TV.

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  1. critterkeeper25
    Love your pics/story. Did a superb job for not following any plans. What is/was your day job? Like the little deer that you put in your yard to add interest. LOL Our local deer aren't afraid of people either. Unless it's hunting season.
  2. Henna56
    very nice!
  3. BrendaJ
  4. IzzyMom
    Great story. Wonderful pictures. Awesome being able to share in your experience. Well done!!!
  5. Ballerina Bird
    Such a great looking run! And very cute girls.
  6. norcalchet
    Tara, I think the regulator is on the red cap (otherwise, the thing would overflow). But I would check the water fountain website to be sure. http://chickenfountain.com/ Chet
  7. tara3436
    What a great coop! Question about your waterer - I am building a similar one by just buying the nipples and PVC pide, and attaching my garden hose. I see a lot of sites selling pressue regulators but I didn't see one on yours and wasn't clear if I need one between the hose and waterer.

    Do you have one? If so, do you know if its necessary and why?

    PS - I live in the south where this wont freeze... so that's never a concern.
  8. ladyearth
  9. ladyearth
  10. ladyearth
    great job..
    I too got chickens before coop etc.. twice I did that . the first time I gave them away several days later....
    Second time I hurried to TSC to get 2 coops since they were 2 year old chickens..
    ..6 of them,
    The guy had stuck in a tiny cage at the flea market....I guess I felt sorry for them... I debated getting chicks too that day.. the flea market was right next door to TSC parking lot.....dumb.. Instead of chicks bought THe 6 .... 2 year olds.....five hens and one Roo...
    Hubby said ...I cant believe you bought chickens again ..not prepared,again !!!! .....
    Glad you used hardware cloth. also pleased you let them roam before there bedtime...
    really like your roof. Is it steel or fiberglass panels????

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