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By 007Sean · Nov 14, 2016 · Updated Nov 14, 2016 · ·
  1. 007Sean
    Here's a pic of a baby humming bird. Took several pic's this past summer of it and also of some baby and fledgling mocking birds. Just thought others might like to see a rarely seen close up of a baby hummer![​IMG] to put the picture in perspective, the nest is about the size of a half dollar coin! I kept seeing the parents frequent this limb on an oak tree in my backyard...finely found the nest and took pictures of the tiny baby.

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  1. Shadrach
    "Not chicken; who cares."
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    That's a great picture. it's so hard to believe how small the bird is.
    We get gold crests here which are small but not that small.
    Take some more pictures and post them here. I'll look at them.:)
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    1. 007Sean
      They haven't built another nest in a couple of years , at least not in the same tree.


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  1. The Phantom
  2. Chicken Girl1
    Love it!
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  3. JaeG
    Wow, thanks for sharing. That is so precious!
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