Our chicken coop project...

Wow that's very impressive!
very well done! Looks like you’re birds are living the high life!
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You've made a little slice of heaven right there!
Very descriptive and loved the photos along the way!!
Love how you named the tools used and the ease of using them.
I've enjoyed your journey so far and can't wait to see the finished result inside the coop.
Amazing coop and run! I also love the very thorough details on construction. Someday when we need to build a new coop and run, I want this!
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Great attention to detail, love the venting, just a fabulous job!
This is perhaps the most thorough explanation of a coop project that I've read! Lots of great pics and descriptions of the process. What a great coop, and I love the way it connects to your run! I'm so impressed!!!
Well written article, good pictures, great coop...thank you for sharing this with all of us!
Nice coop article ... just a quick note to point out that you can change your coops cover image to use something other than the first image in the article... I just discovered this myself, so I thought I'd mention it in case it helps.

See picture for how to do this.

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Chad Oftedal
Chad Oftedal
Thanks for the tip!
The coop, the run, the pictures and the written details all come together in this article. This coop is more than just a home for chickens. It's an investment in the value of the property, as well. Very well done, well thought out and well documented. Thank You!
Boy a lot of thought went into this build, from how to get the previously sloped location to work for a coop, to all the finishing touches. Great ventilation in the coop, up high where it's most beneficial. The run looks very solid. All the space looks very usable and safe for the chickens.

Fantastic details in the article too with brands and sizes of specific items named, plus lots of photos, which I'm sure will help some do-it-yourself-ers in the future! I love too that the writer notes what changes he'd make if he had to do it all over again, as this information is also useful to someone looking to improve their own build.
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