Penny's New Rolling Backpack!

By silver1polish · Oct 11, 2015 · ·
  1. silver1polish
    Has anyone every taken their chicken places? Well I sure have!
    I started out with a diaper with a leash from for about $25. Then I saw someone with a small mesh dog carrier, and I said to my self "What if I had that for my little serama Penny". I did my researching and found one but I could not buy it Than I looked else where and found the perfect one! It is called a "OxGord Rolling Backpack Pet Carrier" I found it on amazon for only about $25 or $30! So I ordered it and it said it would come like the 8th-14th but... IT CAME A DAY EARLY!!!! I was so excited! When I opened it only needed you to assemble 2 things only took a min to assemble Super Easy. It also has a few extra features like a atached leash, 2 pockets, a roll down top and it can turn into a backpack or a rolling carrier. Here are some pics when we were going for a walk.(Cause it was not a safe site to buy from)



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  1. silver1polish
    No but my RIR is just very protective of her flock and territory shes like a mad roster like she comes pecking the ground and then strikes.
  2. Cheep N Peep
    She sleeps? Ok, cool. Are the fights really bad?
  3. silver1polish
    So I have to keep her away from them
  4. silver1polish
    Also I don't have a run for her since my other birds are free range and my RIR and Penny get into fights..
  5. silver1polish
    Well actually when I have her inside the backpack she sleeps in there and she enjoys it.
  6. Cheep N Peep
    But why do you take a chicken on a walk? Wouldn't she be happier free ranging or scratching around in her run? I just can't see a hen enjoy being jerked around in a stuffy backpack....
  7. silver1polish
    When it's hot I have her sitting on ice packs that are rapped in a towel. I'm thinking of getting a 02cool necklace fan to put in there instead of the ice packs.
  8. BantyChooks
    how nice!!!!!!!! i need one like that for my OEGB, Jace or Sultan, Bubbles. They'd love it!

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