Picked Up My Chicks and Ducklings

By chazz0861 · Jun 20, 2019 · ·
  1. chazz0861
    Went to Ideal Poultry yesterday and picked up my flock.
    I got 25 Easter Egger Pullets and 2 males, 25 Gold Sex Links Pullets and 2 males,
    15 Straight Run Rouen Ducklings and 15 Straight Run White Pekin Ducklings.
    I drove 2 hours with them in the backseat of the truck and cheerfully listened to them the whole time. 64339237_2223732097710179_7701854974321360896_n.jpg 64498621_2223731707710218_8113458466439299072_n.jpg 64523131_2223731784376877_243357541390614528_n.jpg 64621215_2223732001043522_5129990383807234048_n.jpg 64655056_2223731844376871_9214545797457117184_n.jpg 64742504_2223731937710195_2775507497031565312_n.jpg 64745770_2223731657710223_7190467877110022144_n.jpg 64339237_2223732097710179_7701854974321360896_n.jpg 64339237_2223732097710179_7701854974321360896_n.jpg 64498621_2223731707710218_8113458466439299072_n.jpg 64745770_2223731657710223_7190467877110022144_n.jpg

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  1. N F C
    Wow, that was a truck full! How fun :D

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