2-lb. chicken thighs/with skin
2 T. butter
6 sprigs fresh parsley
4 sprigs fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
(10-oz.) baby carrots
2 med. sweet onions/chopped large
1 cup dry white wine/or dry white vermouth
1/2 cup chicken stock
1 1-lb. new red potatoes/halved or quartered with skin on
2/3 cup creme fraiche/or heavy cream
1/2 cup baby peas
1/2 cup green beans/if fresh, blanch before using
1/2 cup squash blossoms (optional)
1 cup coarsely grated gruyere
salt and pepper

Cooking Instructions

Wash and dry chicken, season with salt and pepper. In an ovenproof, deep, heavy saute' pan (enamel or cast iron work well), melt butter and brown chicken on both sides. About 10 min. Transfer chicken to a plate reserving fat. Add carrots, onions, green beans, parsley, thyme, and bay leaf to saute' pan, coat with fat. Add wine and deglase over high heat until liquid is reduced by half. About 8 min. Add stock and chicken (skin side up/with juices) and simmer, covered about 10 min. Add potatoes and squash (optional), salt and pepper to taste. Cover and simmer until potatoes are tender. About 15 min. Preheat broiler. Pick out herbs. Stir in creme fraiche/or heavy cream, and peas, salt and pepper to taste. Turn chicken in sauce to coat, sprinkle with Gruyere and broil 4-5 inches from heat until brown and bubbling. About 4-5 min. Garnish with a bundle of fresh herbs, and serve with a simple salad and plenty of crusty artisan bread.

Note: If you are trying to cut calories, do not make this recipe. The blending of the flavors depend on the fats and when trying to make it low-fat, it diminishes the flavor and creaminess of the dish. This dish is all about taste. Enjoy. Serves 4-6 hungry people, if you wish to serve more, just add extra chicken, you will have plenty of sauce.