Poultry Diseases, Sicknesses and Cures

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    Diseases, Symptoms and Cures

    Symptoms Disease Cause Treatment Bird Species
    Listless, head stuck into neck,white diarrhea and possible blood droppings in stoolCoccidiosisCoccidia ParasiteBaycox,Coxi Plus, Coxoid* in water for 5 days. Keep litter dryAll birds from 3 weeks
    Listless, head stunk into neck, yellow diarrhea Blackheadheterakis wormHarkanker* in water for 5 days. Worm hens with Flubenvet* to remove vectorTurkeys, pheasants,guinea fowl,uncommon in hens,chronic in peafowl
    White diarrhea, thirst,sudden deathBacilliary White Diarrhea (BDW)Salmonella pullorum bacteriaBlood test to find and cull carriersChicks 0-3 weeks,adults as carriers
    Listless, greenish diarrhea,gaping,waterfowl off legsWormsUp to 6 different species of worms in internal partsFlubenvet* mixed into feed for 7 days, 10 g to 8 kg feed fowl,ducks,geese,turkeys,peafowl,quail,guinea fowl
    Visible parasites around vent, listless,small blood spots on eggshells,dirty crestLice or mites4 types of louse,2 types of miteDust with pyrethrum* based louse powder or sulphur all over bird,spray housing crevices and perches for red mite with Barricade All poultry
    Sneezing,discharge from nostrils,foam in corner of eye,rattly breathing,sweet sickly smell,swollen sinuses under eyeMycoplasmas MycoplasmaControl by injecting Tylan 200* 0.5 ml per adult in breast muscle, 1 ml for turkeys. repeat after 48 hrs. Tylan soluble in water for chicksFowl, ducks,turkeys,peafowl,pheasants
    Swollen sinus in waterfowl.Mycoplasmas or PseudomanasMycoplasma or Pseudomonas
    Lance and flush with Baytril 2.5 % 5 ml teal,30 ml swan daily for 5 days
    Raised,encrusted scales on legsScaly legMites burrowing under scalesmix olive oil and sulphur together and apply to legs. or,dunk legs in surgical spirit once a week for 3 weeksAny bird
    BloodWoundsFighting,cut,feather peckingclean wound with iodine soap or regular soap. apply iodine to the woundsYoung stock or any bird
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    Egg Binding
    Quote: Originally posted by @Nutcase - This information is not my own. Here is the article by which it was taken from: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/quick-guide-to-treating-egg-binding

    Quote: Originally posted by @ChicknsRock That is frostbite. Put some virgin organic coconut oil on it. Do not put Vaseline on it. That will inhibit healing.

    Quote: Originally posted by @Chickerdoodle13 I agree that it looks like some frostbite damage, but the damage does not seem too severe and the comb may fully recover without losing any tips. It depends on whether or not his body can restore blood flow to the tissue before necrosis sets in. However, some of the tips may dry up and fall off. This should not cause any issues, but of course always monitor for infections.

    I agree that Vaseline will inhibit healing at this point, but in the future I have found it to be an effective way to prevent frostbite if you know cold weather is coming.

    Neosporin also helps with frostbite.

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