I started out with one white Silkie rooster. My teacher gave him to me to show for FFA. I then bought 7 chicks from my FFA club which they bought from McMurray. I ended up with 2 Red Frizzle pullets, 1 Red Cochin pullet, 1 Birchen Cochin cockeral, 1 EE cockerel, 1 Golden Sebright chick, and a mystery chick. The Golden Sebright and the mystery chick died a couple days later. I was supposed to only have one hen and i have jumped to 18 chickens lol. I have 3 incubators.
I have:
1 White Silkied Serama Roo
1 Birchen Serama Hen
1 Mille Fleur Serama Roo
1 Black Serama Cockerel
2 Mille Feur Serama Hens
1 Black Serama Hen
1 Columbian Serama Hen
1 Silkie Roo
25 Deleware roos
Buff Brahma roo
A pair of Splash Polish
1 Midget White Turkey
5 White Leghorn hens
1 Black hen
2 Bantam Rhode Island Reds
3 White leghorn Cockerels
3 Red Sussex
1 Splash Old English Game hen
1 Blue Langshan
3 LF Golden Laced Cochins
7 Shamos
4 Cockatiels
35 Coturnix quail 104
2 Ringneck Pheasants
Trio of Button Quail
Other animals:
3 Dogs
2 Cats.

3 Hermit Crabs
20 fish out in a pond
So a total of 137 Pets :p
My Breeding projects are Seramas (Silkied and Smooth) and BBS Silkies