Black breasted red, wheaten, dark, spangled, and white, duckwing, blue breasted red, and black. Created by poultryhaven
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Aseels are very firm, large boned, wide stanced, muscular birds. Cornish were devoloped by crossbreeding aseels with other chickens. Aseels are very good mothers and will go broody. They can not be housed with the same gender because it will result in fighting and possible death. Aseels are quite rare, they are not an everyday chicken. They are really docile and dont mind getting picked up if worked with. Aseels are seasonal layers and are not very good layers, so they are not recommended for laying. They originate from India.




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1 1/2 years old​


1 1/2 years old​