1. K

    1/4 Aseel 3/4 American Game rooster(stag)

    4.5 months old. Black and red. Hes really smart for a "teenager" I'm located in Tomball, TX $35
  2. K

    SOLD 2-3 month old aseel mix chicks

    I'm located in Tomball, Texas a couple hours north of Houston. I have 5 chicks I'm wanting gone. I'm sure of their dad(Aseel/game cross) as he is the only rooster. Their moms are Americana and black sex link.
  3. QSCFT6

    Aseel 75% sumatra 25% with pic

    Good day for all here I will post some pictures of Aseel 75% Sumatra 25% —- age 7 months.. His tail still growing up he just only 7 months . . . For hens .. I will take pictures later ❣️
  4. Danish aseels

    Danish aseels

  5. colden

    Rampuri Asil/Malay crosses

    I have multiple Rampuri Asil/Malay crosses for sale. I crossed these birds for a reason. They will be very tall and beautiful birds. Very healthy asils. Will send anywhere in the states as long as you pay for shipping.
  6. elvisjj

    RIR/Aseel Cross

    Hi friend's, I am having one RIR Cockerel & Aseel pullet, would like to know is there any possibility to get pure RIR if I crossbreed both. Thanks Elvis.
  7. SanamsChicks

    Can an Aseel rooster be kept with non game birds?

    Hi everyone :thumbsup Il try keep this as short as possible! My brother owns some Aseel chickens, two cockerels running with 6 hens I think. The roosters are brothers and raised together and were totally fine together until this morning when he went to feed them he saw they were both not...
  8. ReseisCL16

    Are Aseels Right for Me?

    I'm ordering a few special order chicks and was wondering if an Aseel would be a good idea to get. I would only get one to raise with three other chicks, an Araucana, a Belgian d'Anvers, and a Sebright. So it would just be the four of them together; I just want hens, no cocks. After they're...
  9. A

    Hen laying, moulting and being partially broody all at same time

    My Aseel, who is around and above a year old, is going through her moult. A light one though. She is missing feathers on both her leg joints and few other places as well. Unnoticeable without picking her up and having a deeper look. But interestingly, she hasn't stopped laying. Neither the...
  10. A

    Kindly tell me if my chicken's eggs are fertilised or not

    Hi, I have an Aseel hen paired with a non-Aseel, mix breed rooster. Aseel tails, that of hens to be specific, are not erect like those of most other breeds, and so when my rooster mates with her, the tail remains downward facing. I wonder if my rooster is going about his business correctly. I...
  11. A

    My Aseel hen keeps beating my new Aseel rooster

    I bought 5 chickens about 2 weeks back. 4 are still in their pullet/cockerel stage (3 pullets, 1 rooster) and of different breeds. Out of those original five was one Aseel/Asil hen, full grown. Since I am new to it, I put them all together in my coop. The Asil hen kept pecking at the younger...
  12. G

    ISO Malay hatching eggs

    Hello looking for Malay eggs that can be shipped to Michigan. Thx
  13. Ervin Sims

    Aseel Blue

    Aseel Blue Created by Ervin Sims Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Blue asil rare,hardy,strong birds.Good game cross.stoppped raising game except for my blue asil Gender Age Thumb Description / Information Male young stag 6-8 weeks
  14. JSGamefowl

    Aseel White

    Aseel White, Created by JSGamefowl Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: this breed is very hardy good mothers one of my favorites , males weigh about 5 pounds , females are about 3 pounds , they can come in almost any color , very good for free ranging , they also dont eat as...
  15. Dustin Biery

    Aseel Spangled

    Aseel Spangled Created by Dustin Biery Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: I am fairly new to the breed, but I have fallen in love. They are very docile, yet do not like to be handled. I have never had birds that would coop on their own. The trio I own is still young and has...
  16. poultryhaven

    Aseel Black Breasted Red Wheaten Dark Spangled And White Duckwing Blue Breasted Red And Black

    Aseel Black breasted red, wheaten, dark, spangled, and white, duckwing, blue breasted red, and black. Created by poultryhaven Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Aseels are very firm, large boned, wide stanced, muscular birds. Cornish were devoloped by crossbreeding aseels...
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