Well it looks like winter is finally past us, and we can start working outside.

When I first told Mary that I wanted to raise chickens, She replied, "well I want a goat"
We found a place out in Eunice, Louisiana that had 3 baby goats to choose from. It didn't take long for Mary to pick out her new baby.

Here is a video of our experience... Mary and Jolie

Next thing, we needed to make was a thingy for Jolie to play on... So we took some old tires that we found on our property.

I then cut the old tires in half.

Then I used Lag Bolts to keep them together

And poof... instant Goat Playground (and seat to sit on)

Jolie is 2 weeks old, and we can come pick her up in 6 weeks. We figure that the chickens will be ready to be taken out of the brooder by that time, and we can start to see some movement out in the back yard.

We will be starting on the coop soon... in fact I need to go out today with a post hole digger while the ground is still damp.