So yesterday, I go rummaging through my shed for scrap wood to make the brooder. I figure my chicks will hatch around the 20th, and we need to be ready to prepare them for the coop. I made the cuts for a 2'x2' frame.

Then a piece of plywood was cut for the Brooder Base.

I then brought the base outside and made legs to keep the Brooder off of the ground.


When I get back in the house (yes I am doing this in the dining room, because the moment I say I need to spend more time outside, this massive cold front terrorized the US), I almost stop here and use the base as a stylish new end table, but I press on.

The Walls are first added to the Brooder Base...

And the Top Lip and Corners are framed in.

I then get to work on the Lid for the brooder.

I frame it with 2x4's and use 1x2's to keep the Lid from sliding off the Base.

There we have it... It looks like a Borg Cube, and my eggs are affectionately called "x of 12" by the kids. They are saddened by the loss of "12 of 12" due to the Postman's attack, but the rest will hatch (resistance is futile).
Now I need to get out and build the coop...