Starting The Chicken Run

By GeneJordan · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. GeneJordan
    Yesterday, Mary and I started on the Chicken Run, and had it done by day's end. All there is to do is add the wire fencing to the top to keep hawks out. You can see the roll on the ground ready to go.
    The run is made with 4x4x8 PT Posts set 6 feet apart, and sunk in the ground 9 inches. They are framed by 2x4x12 PT Studs, and it is all wrapped by 2x4 14 ga welded wire fencing. I left the posts tall to be able to add spot lights (and maybe Christmas Lights) later.
    There are 2 doors to the run. One is from our yard, and the other will connect to the corral.
    The second door opening...
    We left the backside open, because this is where the Coop and Goat Condo will be going (this is the next thing to build).

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  1. nfernaays
    This is a nice design, I may pattern my run off my pole barn coop like this, thanks for the inspiration.
  2. MumsHens
    Did you put a roof on and have you covered or half covered this. I think it's great and am thinking of copying it but as we go into winter I am thinking of covering half with corrugated bitumen or something like that.
  3. king tail
    this is so cool! i hope your chickens like it! ;-)
  4. MumsHens
    This looks really good. Did you need to add wire below ground at the bottom? I'm asking because we are thinking of having a fixed run instead of hen fencing.
  5. Purpletie3
    1301 views and no one left an atta boy! Good job on this run! I hope you are enjoying it. Looks like a good days work.

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