Project Black Phoenix Large Fowl
I am currently working on makeing my own Black Phoenix.
I breed my BB Red Phoenix Rooster to my White faced black spanish.
I choose the Spanish becouse she has same comb type, and white earlobes as so does the phoenix ,closest body structer that i can think of and similar leg colors ( she does have darker legs than the phoenix and teh white face.
So hopefully dureing my project i can loose the white face and lighten teh leg coloring.
So far i think teh project is comeing along pretty good.
I have 2 males and 3 females, teh females are pure black one has a tiny bit of laceing.
The boys are black with red saddles and hackles.
all have the white earlobes and dark legs (lighter than teh white faced spanish hen)
I have pics, they are not that good but i will post them up soon.
You can see teh length in this cockerels tail already.
These are about 6 months old.
I need to breed now to get rid of those laceings.