Pure English Silver Laced Orpington

Pure English Silver Laced hen, imported from the Netherlands, Mr. Follows. She is the most beautiful hen on our farm, great example of a Pure...
By kidcody · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 24, 2017 · ·
  1. kidcody

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  1. bit o poultry19
    I'm really interested in your lavender, silver laced and mottled orp eggs/chicks
  2. kidcody
    .....God bless to all!
  3. HighStreetCoop
    Your birds are AMAZING! Makes me want to empty my savings account and set my coop up with something extra special (but I'm resisting until I know I can manage a flock in my yard safely and happily).
  4. catface
    Do you have a new website? I notice the old one is gone and I've emailed you a few times.
  5. nicole camp
    Please message me. I'm interested in purchasing English Lavender Orpington Chicks or Eggs. I've been searching everywhere for the quality you have. The only other breeder like yours is Korfus and I have his bloodline.
  6. featherweightmn
    what beauties -I hope it isn't too late to get on the list . . . ..
  7. ederob
    Do you sell any egg or chicks???
  8. danib
    Love the Lavendars
  9. Dawneebird
    Hiya! It is me...Dawn. I sent you a message. Didn't know if you got the notification. :)
    do you ship to maine?
  11. rwdeharde
    Hi, Where/how/how much do you sell your partridge orps for?
    We are in Mid-Tn
  12. BuffBeck
    I live in WA too. I'll have to talk with ya! :)
  13. thasista
    You have great pictures! Gorgeous orps!
  14. walady944
    Oh, my, I would love to have just one of those lovely lavendar girls! What a beautiful bunch you have.
  15. ChickAudie
    I just died.
  16. Dawneebird
    First time I am on your page.....Your babies are so beautiful!! You must be so proud!! You have a lovely farm!!
  17. farmerman dan
    Louise cannot thank you enough for Jasper
  18. jengro65
    Holy Cow!!!!! What beautiful birds!!!
      kidcody likes this.
  19. Chickenfan4life
    You have very nice chickens. :D Do you breed them? PM me!
  20. kidcody
    Than you for all the nice compliments!
  21. chickened
    You have chocolates, very nice.
  22. judyki2004
    They are all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I think the partridge are my faves along with the goose...I never seen a goose like this!!! Blessings :)
  23. Lynndaybrown
    Wow you have truly beautiful birds!
  24. ciguli
    OMFG!! ı cant beleive my eyes. What a beatiful chicken 'the lavendar'
  25. Debbie Hooks
  26. Phantom_Rooster
    You really have some nice chickens. You are a real asset to the chicken world.
  27. triciakoontz
    Forgot to add that I want Jubilee and Lavendar Orp eggs.
  28. triciakoontz
    Absolutely stunning chickens! You must be so proud of your breeding program! Do you sell eggs for hatching?
  29. Jobele
    Very Nice indeed!
  30. Dawneebird
    OMG! They are AMAZING! i LOVE the Lavenders!!!! Just figured out how to view peoples pics!! Thanks for sharing!!
  31. Charm1704
    Stunning! ~Charm1704
  32. hallerlake
    I do love spangles and speckled chickens!
  33. ChickensInMyYard
    Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!

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