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Skip always being funny!

In breeding the Pure English Silverlaced Orpington not all Pure English Silverlaced are equal, some are not as called "True, Pure Silverlaced at all. Most are mixed. Bob Follows of England is the Master creator/breeder of this color, the true English Silverlaced Orpington, as stated this fact. As what many breeders (from emails sent to me) have observed that the resulting chicks are not Pure Silvers, this is from crossing the Silverlaced with Gold Lace Orpingtons, this cross should never be done. This cross results in what is called a "Cream Silverlace" this is not a recognized color. Many will appear Silverlaced in color but as they mature 7+ or older will develop yellowing feathers. These roosters are not True Silverlaced Orpingtons and should never be used for breeding into hens that are Silverlaced. Bob Follows has also stated many of these hens that appear Silverlaced can also produce the gold leakage into their off springs later and for many generations. It was suggested by Bob to never breed the Golds and Silvers together. As this has been done by a breeder in the south with tremendous mistakes that will be damaged for several generations.