Quacking Pigeon- Duck Show results

Past results from shows starting from 2017 onward. If you have any questions on showing waterfowl specifically Ducks feel free to ask in the comments.
By Quacking Pigeon · Jul 7, 2018 · ·
  1. Quacking Pigeon
    I’ve been showing ducks since 2017 (yes I’m still new at this). These are my birds results. Feel free to ask any questions about showing.

    Key (legend):
    Note: If there were multiple shows in a year the results will be numbered to what Show was first.
    Fox- Taken by fox or other death
    S1- First Show
    S2- Second Show

    2017- All junior section- 2 shows
    Mallards (Natural):
    Cheeky (drake)- S2 first, champion, special
    -Chirpy (drake)- S2 second
    -Lovely (duck)- S2 third
    -Missy (duck)- S2 second Fox
    -Bessy (duck)- S2 first Fox
    -Cheeky & Lovely (pair)- S1 first

    2018- All junior section- 1 show
    Mallards (Natural):
    -Cheeky (drake)- second
    -Lovely (duck)- third

    Muscovies (black):
    -Hope (duck)-second

    2019- All junior section- 2 shows

    Mallards (Natural):
    -Cheeky (drake)- S2 2nd
    -Chirpy (drake)
    -Rex (drake)- S2 3rd
    -Sky (drake)

    -Lovely (duck)- S2 5th
    -Kara (duck)- S1 1st, S2 4th
    -Faith (duck)- S1 3rd

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  1. N F C
    Congrats! It would be nice to see photos of the birds that won. Best of luck in future shows!
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