My homemade Black Solier Fly Larva Bucket
Made from a broken shop vac and a few other broken, discarded parts. I plan on raising these insects as feeders for my chickens, it will be a free source of high quality protien food for the girls.

Here it is my homemade biopod from a broken shop vac, broken box fan and a few spare parts!!!! It is sitting on the bucket for ease of pic taking, I think I will need one minor adjustment to the length of the exit tubing.





I'm putting veggie/fruit scraps and chicken poo in it today and putting it outside!!!
Then it won't be long until chickies are
at least I

Since posting this I have been made aware there are issues feeding the BSF larva poop from the same animal that you are feeding them to, so I will just be putting the plant material in the bucket.
Let's take care of the Earth, it is the only planet we know for sure has chocolate.