Oh the love of chickens!
Owning a Rooster really isn't a love/hate relationship! It truely is. While you love their appearance and the fact that they will protect your flock, they really are annoying at 3am crowing! .....and 5am....and 6am...and yep...8am... EVERY MORNING!! Needless to say, he'll be saying hello to Mr. Pot soon. We have to find time to do it and have someone come show us (or Hubby rather) how to do it!
On a lighter note...My silkie pullets are growing fast! However, they aren't as big as I thought they'd get. Not sure if they'll 'make it' with the big guys! They get picked on a lot! Not sure how much is 'normal' but I don't want to check on their one morning and them be featherless.

Oh well...More later...head is cloudy.​