~Rachy's Chicken Blog~
Hubby kept telling me that he wanted to get chickens. I thought he was crazy. I wasn't sure where we'd keep them or even how to take care of them. I always thought that chickens weren't for us. We don't really live in the county. We are between the country and city. Finally, he told me that he had his father order a lot of 25 chickens. We wouldn't know which one was the rooster until they got older. We kept them in a 29 gallon fish tank until they started flying out of the top. The Hubby brought home some stuff one day and proceeded to build a chicken coop. It was really nice!!! I think the chickens were going to live better than most people in our area! Man those chickens have it good! So we set them up in their house with some fenced in yard and such. I made sure to read up on it and see what was to be done.
Dear Hubby really wanted some eggs and meat. Meat and eggs, eggs and meat. So I thought we'd go for it! We have the yard space that's for sure!
So we have 12 outside chickens (11 hens and one rooster) and 2 inside chickens for now. They are 7 weeks old. So they are inside with us.
So in our chicken journey we have just started! I hope you come back often to read of all the little things that make my life interesting!