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By WinterChicks · Feb 4, 2015 ·
  1. WinterChicks
    I have some chicken apps I downloaded for free....I am going to make a list here and update as I find more/use them! Feel free to comment with questions!

    Well, Here they are:

    1.Backyard Chickens App
    It's awesome! I can access BYC on my phone anytime I have wi-fi! I love it and I love not having to go load up the computer everytime I want to check something! Anyone on this site that can get it-GET IT!

    2.Egg Counter Free
    It shows little egg cartons for each date-you tap on the holes to add eggs...Downside: Only shows three days at a time...doesn't keep monthly or weekly records. Very simple even for those not good in the tech world! (Me? I got 3 eggs today)

    3.Poultry Pal
    It has 5 basic categories: Manage My Flock, Chicken Guide, Gallery, Poultry Blog and More, plus a egg tracker!!!
    The Egg Counter:
    Lets you track your smallest and largest eggs my cm. and oz.! Helpful to see how often those Jumbo eggs are laid ;)
    Manage My Flock:
    You can keep track of your chickens by creating a profile for each flock member....or for those with jumbo size flocks, your favorites!
    You can add a photo, add hatch date, add name, notes, and the breed...pretty handy if you need to sell one!

    Chicken Guide:
    Has 4 sections: Articles, Chicken Breeds, My favorites and product catalog! The articles are very handy-great for beginners or questions you have! Some examples of the articles are: Tips for winter poultry care, terms every chicken owner should know...ect.
    The chicken breeds has a ABC.... list of chicken breeds, click on a breed to see some info on it! Great for choosing breeds! Some pages also include pictures-good for verifying breeds! The My Favorites section just lets you view things you have marked as favorite.
    You can take photos to share with the Poultry Pal community!
    Poultry Blog:
    Not yet sure what it is..maybe it's not done being made yet? Like a feature in progress?
    Has 6 sections...some neat stuff and some boring stuff (haha)..here's what it has: Find Nearest Southern States, My shopping list, about southern states, contact us, egg tracker and terms and conditions. I'm only going to touch on the shopping list since the rest is self explanatory. Anyways, it's a shopping list you can compose for the next time you visit Southern States, when you go to add an item, it is split into categories (waters, feeders, fencing, health ect) so you can find your category look for your item and add it!
    Anyways, now that I'm done with that...this app seems pretty awesome!

    4.LuundaLite Poultry
    It has a tips slide show bar at the top. It's three basic categories are: Getting Started, Diagnosis and My records. I'll go through each category.
    Getting Started:
    Has a few sections...good for beginner or ideas for stuff. The sections are: Poultry Shed, Management of Chicks, Lighting, Spacing, Equipment. Each section has a little box below it with basic information about each thing...pretty helpful!
    Has a few sections: General Diagnosis and Custom Diagnosis.
    Custom you select the condition of your bird in the drop down menus for each item and after your done click diagnose. It will come up with what sounds like the problem. General goes over a few general problems, Coccidiosis, Fowl Pox, Marek's, Fungal Infections and a few others.
    My Records:
    You can store daily expenses, it has two sections: Transaction Records and Growth Records. In growth you keep track of your flock, in Transaction your expenses. :)

    You get to track your incubating! It has a section for Guides and Checklist, and Track New Batch.
    Guides and Checklists:
    Incubation Instructions and Info-helpful for people new to incubating! In the guid we have sub-guides: Candling Guide, Pre Incubation Checklist, Incubation Checklist, Post Incubation Checklist and a Brooding Guide.
    Track New Batch:
    Enter your name of batch, select egg type, set incubation dates, add calender reminders and then create a new batch! Easy as cake..err...hatching eggs!
    Anyways, I will definitely be using this! I am setting up for my first incubation soon! Yay!

    That's all for now! I'll add more apps as I get them and try them....Maybe sometime I'll make a rabbit app page!
    Comment with your *free* app suggestions and your reviews on any apps I've mentioned-they could be added to the page!
    Here's to making a helpful list!

    I would love for this to make carousel..but It would need work probably..anyways. I would be honored if that happened!

    Thanks to(for their suggestions):

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  1. wowmanacat
    I could not find Poultry Pal but I did find Poultry Manger 2
  2. LotsOLopsChicks
    Hi, they could probably be found for either. I was using the Google Play Store but I betcha I could get some of them on my Iphone4 too!
  3. ladycat
    Where do you find these apps? Are they for Apple or Android?

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