Rib Sticking Oatmeal For The Birds

By La Banan · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. La Banan

    3 heaping c. old-fashioned oatmeal
    5 heaping tbsp cracked flax seeds 1/4 heaping c. sesame seeds
    1 heaping c. raisons
    1/2 c. bacon fat or leftover gravy
    4 approx. old banged up apples
    2 bunches chopped up vegetable parings bunches of whatever you have about - old
    bread, rice, lettuce, etc...

    Cooking Instructions

    Cook the oatmeal in a big pot in lightly salted water. Bang in all the other stuff when it is done (not very long I don't think). Stir it with an old stick outside because you are worried it might be too hot. Add some fresh snow for the same reason but make sure you don't err on the too cold side because the reason for this entirely is to give them a HOT breakfast. Take it out to the coop and put 'er down and watch the commotion. It brings a tear to my old Scottish eye I tell ya.

    Note: Sometimes you might not have bacon grease. Throw in a little olive oil. And remember - the more greens and so on you've put in - the more you need the grease. Those chickens can be fussier than 12 yr. old girls. But everyone needs and likes a bit of grease in the cold cold winter...

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